It is agreed that Construction Credit Corporation shall provide to Associate Subscriber the following services upon ghe Associate Subscriber's request at the following rates pursuant to the terms and conditions below, the following services:

                Services-Washington State   Effective August 1, 2005                            Each Request
           Legal Description/Legal Owner of Property (Job Site Info)                   $20.00
           Intent to Lien Notice (WITH TITLE RESEARCH)              $34.50
           Filing of Lien                                                                       $99.00
           Release of Lien                                                            $60.00
           Notice of Bond (Public, Federal)                                $60.00
           Claim on Performance Bond (Public, Federal)            $75.00
           Release of Claim on Bond                                        $55.00
           Lender (Stop) Notice                                             $28.00
           Release of Lender (Stop) Notice                        $25.00

This and all future agreements between the Associate Subscriber and Construction Credit Corporation are subject to the following terms:

1) Construction Credit Corporation will use its best efforts to provide the Associate Subscriber with accurate information. Neither Construction Credit Corporation nor its sources or distributors warrant the accuracy of such information nor shall they be liable for any use or reliance thereon.
2) Associate Subscriber hereby designates Construction Credit Corporation as its agent and grants Construction Credit Corporation power of attorney for the sole purpose of performing the services specified above.  Associate Subscriber agrees to defend and save Construction Credit Corporation harmless from all claims resulting from the acts or omissions of Construction Credit Corporation or its authorized representatives for services performed on subscribers behalf.  Jurisdiction and venue for any legal action involving Associate Subscriber and Construction Credit Corporation shall lie exclusively in King County Superior Court for the State of Washington. 
3) Associate Subscriber waives all present or future claims against Construction Credit Corporation which may result from the acts or omissions of Construction Credit Corporation or its authorized representatives.


Construction Credit Corporation relies upon information provided by the Associate Subscriber in mailing and filing notices, liens and claim documents.  We will not be liable for any errors or omission from faulty information provided to us or from circumstances beyond our control.  THE ASSOCIATE SUBSCRIBER HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGES THAT CONSTRUCTION CREDIT CORPORATION LIABILITY FOR ITS OWN ACTS OR OMISSIONS SHALL BE LIMITED TO THE AMOUNT PAID BY THE ASSOCIATE SUBSCRIBER AS A SUBSCRIPTION FEE FOR THE PRECEDING TWO YEARS, UP TO A MAXIMUM OF $500.  IN NO EVENT WILL THE LIABILITY OF CONSTRUCTION CREDIT CORPORATION FOR ANY DAMAGES, WHETHER DIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL, EXCEED $500.

*Rates subject to increase upon thirty (30) days notice.

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